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Vislink Technologies (Ticker:VISL) is a global technology business specializing in the collection and delivery of high quality video and associated data from the field to the point of usage. The company provides solutions to the broadcast market for the collection of live news, sport and entertainment events and to the surveillance market including defense, law enforcement and public safety customers. Solutions include the design and manufacture satellite transmission, cellular and wireless camera systems.

Using Drones to Enforce Lockdowns And Disinfect Urban Areas

The United Kingdom Police recently started to monitor citizens with drones, in order to ensure compliance with the recent social distancing measures.

Article: UK coronavirus response criticized as people are filmed by drones and stopped while shopping


On November 11, 2019, Vislink announced the renewal of three-year service contracts with twelve UK Police Forces for its Airborne Data Link (ADL) infrastructure. The company further said that “there is also the potential for purchases of upgrades to installed ground infrastructure, as Vislink incorporates new technologies that increase capabilities for the police forces. This includes deployment of the Vislink TSM-2020 video aggregator. The TSM-2020 allows the onward transmission of airborne data to tactical ground forces deployed with smartphones and tablets over 4G and coming 5G networks.”

Around the world, authorities are turning to drones in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, using them to enforce lockdowns and disinfect urban areas. With dozens of cities in lockdown, the technology has become an important tool in keeping people off the streets. The trend began in China in the early weeks of the outbreak and has since gone global, with drones fitted with loudspeakers used to remind the public of lockdown measures and admonish rule-breakers. Meanwhile, in France police have been testing surveillance drones to identify those who have broken the country’s confinement laws. A police department in California plans to use drones equipped with loudspeakers and cameras to enforce a coronavirus lockdown. But some countries, including India and Indonesia, have found uses for the drones beyond law enforcement by using them to spray crowded urban areas with disinfectant.

Vislink has decades of experience in this field. The company’s Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS) is a comprehensive aerial-based video transmission solution that delivers real-time surveillance that enhances law enforcement, emergency and critical infrastructure operations. AVDS is comprised of an integrated suite of downlink transmitters, receivers and antennas that capture real-time, reliable high-definition video from drones, helicopters and other aircraft for display at command centers, mobile units and on video management systems. There is a strong possibility, that Vislink may be able to secure more government contracts, as the COVID-19 pandemic is far from being over.

More Evidence:

In November 2019, Vislink announced that it had been “Selected to Supply California Law Enforcement Agency with U.S.-Designed and Manufactured Drone Solution“.

“Vislink was selected primarily based on having the only drone-based video transmission system proven interoperable with existing state and local law enforcement agency fixed and rotary-wing aircraft currently operating in the surrounding region. The inclusion of the MicroLite 3 in the solution was driven by its compact form factor and ability to securely transmit high-quality live video images.”

“We continue to be a technology leader whose downlink solutions answer the needs of today’s law enforcement organizations,” said John Procacci, Vice President of Sales for Vislink Technologies. “Providing systems that support inter-agency coordination has always been one of our key strengths. Police and military agencies are increasing their use of drones in their operations. The MicroLite 3 is a natural fit for the growing numbers of drone-based military, law enforcement and commercial applications, and it opens the door for us to explore new opportunities in these areas.”

Broadcasting During the Coronavirus Crisis

As countries all over the world now have social distancing measures and lockdowns in place, many live events will have to be held without audiences present. Therefore, many events will be broadcast to the public through the use of digital microwave and video technology. Vislink’s product portfolio includes high quality video solutions with low latency, and high-impact imagery. The company has demonstrated its capability before, as they supplied a comprehensive suite of wireless video transmission equipment as Official Radio Frequency Broadcast Equipment Supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race event in 2018.

Market Opportunity

With 78 million outstanding shares and a current share price of $0.17, the company has a market capitalization of around $13 million. Vislink recently raised $6 million in an underwritten public offering.

The shares of common stock and accompanying Warrants were being sold together at a combined public offering price of $0.22 per share. The Warrants will have an exercise price of $0.2420 per share, will be immediately exercisable and will expire one year from the date of issuance.

2019 FY 10k filing:

As a result of the capital events, repaying substantially all of our outstanding debt, and ongoing cost management, the Company believes there are enough funds to mitigate the going concern uncertainty for at least twelve months.

As the trading volume recently increased (around 130 million shares traded during the last 10 trading sessions), there is a strong possibility that the institutional holders who bought the public offering will move the share price up in order to exercise their warrants.

Given the market capitalization of only $13 million, authorities need for drones in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, and the general need for live broadcasting solutions, there could be strong upside potential for Vislink.


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